Provenance combines with tomorrow

We, Schierack Green Technology GmbH, are an R&D company founded several years ago by two successful German entrepreneurs. We have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the construction of decentralised, thermal plants for air separation as well as for the liquefaction, storage, and transport of gases up to temperatures of -162 °C.

This expertise and implementation competence was the best physical and process engineering prerequisite for us to competitively generate stable, base-load capable, CO2-free electric power from volatile solar and wind energy.

Advancement through refusal

Patents, trademarks, licensing

We refused to apply for any state funding or subsidies. Many of our ideas, which are now patented nationally and internationally, were thus directly converted into patent applications without time-consuming, bureaucratic funding procedures. A worthwhile renunciation, which ensures that the ideas have a long-term lead in the market through patent protection.

Progress without stagnation

The core of our company is the drive to technologically advance climate-neutral energy supply, that is why we developed the solarwind technology and are continuously expanding it. However, this is not enough for us. We are currently supplementing the technology with a logistical storage and transport system for gaseous green hydrogen.

Energy generation costs

Indicative values based on the energy cost situation as of January 2022, excluding VAT.

Electricity:up to 15 cts/kWh
Green hydrogen:up to 9 €/kg
Thermal heat/district:up to 6 cts/kW
Drinking water (seawater):up to € 6/m3

Die Bundesregierung hat den Preisdeckel für die Heizwärme ab 01.03.23 auf 12 cts/kW festgelegt. Wir schätzen die Erhöhung vorgenannter solarwind Erzeugungskosten per 01.01.23 auf 20 bis 25 % ein.

Energy efficiency

Wind power into thermal heat95%
Solar energy into thermal heat 80%
Electrical conversion efficiency of solar energy into electricity27%
Thermal conversion efficiency of solar energy into heating energy40%

Other efficiency values

Required land area in m2/kW installed capacity3.5
CO2 savings, emission reduction Energy Tandem® Electricity in t/year 400

The solarwind Energy Tandem® Electricity is climate-neutral from the 4th month of operation.


Use of standard wind turbines with pitch rotors

Patents granted in 14 countries, including USA, Canada, Australia

Patents pending: 5
Registered trademarks: 4