Ideas are the most important energy of the future

A climate-neutral view into the future

The evolution of energy supply

We, Schierack Green Technology GmbH, are an R&D company commissioned by our shareholders to refine the efficiency of a climate-neutral energy supply. Through ideation, interdisciplinary deliberation and foresight, we were able to develop a technology whose DNA is closely linked to nature. We call it “solarwind” which is a registered trademark. The solarwind technology works with sun, wind and water in accordance with the physical laws of thermodynamics. Power plants equipped with this technology produce CO2-free products that cover an increasing national and international demand.

The decentralized and independent mode of operation does not require any infrastructure. The solarwind technology is infrastructure. Our expertise manifests itself wherever the sun shines, the wind blows and solid ground is available.

Combining sun, wind and water to a powerful energy package

The solarwind technology uses only sun, wind and water as sources of energy, raw materials and process media according to the laws of thermal physics. This enables the conversion into electricity and other supply products, while ensuring excellent economic and ecological values. On the way to climate neutrality and sustainability, they are the only essential CO2-free energy sources available to mankind for electricity conversion and energy storage.

We use nature’s forces

The Energy Tandem®
A powerhouse of ideas

Initially we created our technology carrier: the Energy Tandem. Based on the concept of employing core components multifunctionally, the Energy Tandem is able to utilise a large number of synergies economically, save materials, facilitate economies of scale and versatile applications in the market. At the same time, it is the nucleus of the solarwind technology and was the inspiration for an extensive patent family.

Compact. Self-sufficient. Multi-functional.

The Energy Campus
Power plants based on the modular principle

The conceptual advantages of the Energy Tandem were adopted one-to-one in the Energy Campus power plant line: The Energy Tandem’s solar collectors, which are limited by wind forces, are designed as ground-connected, double-tracking solar trackers. Their selectable number produces a power plant output of between 1 and 3 MW. Energy Campus power plants are also equipped to produce gaseous hydrogen and have an additional energy storage system.

Retrofitting for the future

A simple, ingenious addition for wind power plants

Wind is a kinetic energy that can be converted into electricity by wind turbines without any further process engineering. This is one of the reasons for the relatively favourable efficiency of wind turbines. The disadvantage of this is that wind cannot be stored, unless it is combined with the advantages of a solar energy storage.

The 3 core components of our solarwind technology kit

solarwind energy storage

We turn the sun into power – even at night
The energy storage is a new product that was created during the development of the Energy Tandem®. As a thermal energy storage, it can deliver its energy potential as district heating or electricity as required.

  • Horizontal and vertical version
  • Storage capacity 2 MWh – 18 MWh el.
  • Installation above ground/under ground

solarwind Tracker

The solarwind Tracker is designed as the lower part of the Energy Tandem without a wind turbine. The tracker is used for the Campus line as well as for retrofitting existing wind power plants.

solarwind Steam Hybrid Turbine

Although the solarwind physicists and engineers live in the here and now their vision looks at tomorrow with this solar conversion module. The ideas incorporated here, which are both new but also based on experience, are have a variety of effects. Amongst them the fact that the solarwind technology achieves a land area utilisation rate of 3 – 4 m2/kW including the energy storage in German latitudes. A record value.

Trend setting, economic performance values.

Of the 80% of collected solar energy*, more than 27% is converted into electricity and 40% into thermal heat, leaving less than 13% of the energy unused – a remarkable physical conversion and economic utilisation rate compared to other solar technologies.

The resulting ecological and economic performance values set global standards.

*Based on the collector area

Full of energy to address your challenges

Areas of application and markets for solarwind power plants

There is a global demand for climate-neutral energy supply. This means that there is also a global demand for CO2-free power plants. solarwind power plants, which operate self-sufficiently at temperatures between -10 °C and +40 °C, and can produce their output wherever the sun shines, the wind blows and an area of solid ground of 2 to 3.5/m² per installed kW is available.

Areas of application for green electricity and hydrogen:

Municipalities with an annual electricity demand of up to 15,000 MWh

Companies with a demand for electricity, heat, hydrogen, output of 350 - 3,000 kW


Manufacturers of climate-neutral products, steel/grey cast iron, glass, ceramics, process heat up to 1,500 °C

Advantages of the decentralised CO2-free solarwind technology


Constant availability by balancing the solar-wind fluctuations

Savings potential

Significant savings in grid-dependent costs due to self-sufficient mode of operation


Longer operating times through energetic combination of solar and wind energy.


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